Cleantech Los Angeles Announces the Inaugural Global Showcase

The Green Whiteboard

A conference that brings the cleantech world to Los Angeles to do business Nov 4-5, 2013 – JW Marriott @ LA Live

Cleantech Los Angeles (CLA) fosters clean and sustainable technology innovation and adoption in the greater LA region. An important component of this work includes the promotion of international cooperation and trade. CLA, together with the City of Los Angeles, is producing the inaugural Cleantech LA Global Showcase, to facilitate international green business collaboration

The Showcase will provide a place in which international cleantech leaders — business, entrepreneurs, investors, customers, scientists, trade policy makers — can gather for the sole purpose of “doing business.”

Register now with Promotion Code ‘FRIEND’ for a significant discount.

  • If you’re a US-based cleantech company and you’re thinking about entering an international market, there will be market presentations by 20+ international consulates
  • If you’re an international-based company and you’re thinking about either entering the US market and/or seeking…

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Spectrum Splitting and Thin Film Photovoltaics at PVSC 2013

Photovoltaic Innovation Network Blog

At the 39th Photovoltaic Specialist Conference in Tampa, Florida, there were two important and interesting topics which were of particular interest to me.

The first one was covered by Harry A. Atwater, California Institute of Technology ( “Full Spectrum High Efficiency Photovoltaics” [1]. He was discussing a new concept: splitting the incident solar spectrum into its constituent wavelengths, guiding these different wavelengths into solar cells with different bandgaps, then absorbing them (shown in Figure 1). In theory, the efficiency of such thin film solar cell system can range from around 30% to over 50%. One way of splitting incident light is to use specially engineered nanostructures printed on the surface of a solar cell or planar holographic elements. In the latter case, the solar spectrum is split four ways via a stack of three sinusoidal volume Bragg gratings, where three bands are diffracted at different angles and the 4

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Will carbon capture ever see daylight? Electrochemical carbon capture

PE = -KE

Researchers: Yupo Lin, Richard Doctor, and Seth Snyder from Argonne National Laboratory, Jitendra Shah from Nalco Company

Researchers made breakthroughs in an innovative ARPA-E funded carbon capture technology just as the rise of natural gas, with its low carbon output, sank the carbon capture market. However, developers see potential in overseas markets like coal-heavy China and India, as well as promising applications unrelated to clean energy, such as organic acid production for industrial use.

The researchers used an enzyme found in all living cells as the key to capturing carbon from flue gas, the gas released as exhaust from power plants. The enzyme, called carbonic anhydrase (CA), is found in such places as the human lung where it helps remove carbon dioxide from tissues. Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory and Nalco Company took advantage of the CO2-processing ability of CA for the carbon capture application.

Funded by an ARPA-E grant…

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The Flight of VCs from Cleantech

PE = -KE

So I talked with some investors recently about why they’re disbanding like disturbed flies from the cleantech space. Investments in the cleantech space have been steadily declining over the last few years, say new reports from everywhere – Cleantech Group, National Venture Capital Association/Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The latest report from NVCA/PWC showed $297 million flowing into 40 venture deals in the third quarter of 2013, a 20% drop from the second quarter and marking the 7th consecutive decline.

The short story is, cleantech is a new space with a lot of risk and investors flew because their tails got lit on fire. They thought cleantech would be like IT and software, with similar timescales and returns. Instead, “a lot of money went into very capital intensive companies that were pursuing commodity markets, with huge time risk,” said Peter Hebert of New York-based venture firm Lux Capital. Cleantech…

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Don’t Kill Your Credit Score!

Ingrid B. Quinn

credit shock
Credit, Credit, Credit! Your credit score is a crucial part of your financial future and present. Whether you are looking to open a credit card, buy a home/vehicle your credit score will not only dictate your ability to make that purchase, but also what interest rate you will have. You have three different credit scores, but for this article I am going to focus in on one and that is your FICO credit score. It registers on a range of 300 to 850.
You should strive to have a score of 780 or higher to be in the best shape to make major purchases with the best interest rates. In the mortgage industry we suggest that our clients hold a minimum of a 620 credit score. This is primarily the lowest score most, not all, lenders have as a threshold for a mortgage.
Now let’s get down to what this…

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Now is the time to pull up your credit score!

Raise My Fico Score

Your Credit Score Holds the Key to Your Future

The simple fact is…without good credit, we would all need to be millionaires, with a truck load of money to buy whatever we need with …CASH. Whether it be to purchase an automobile for daily transportation, a new home, acquiring a credit card to establish credit, and now even securing employment…everything seems to be credit driven. Like it or not, establishing excellent credit has become top priority for a consumer and an added bonus to our portfolios of life. It is possible to do this by yourself, but the truth is, it can be an aggravating and tedious taks. That’s what we are here for, to assist you in doing what we love…fighting the erroneous and damaging information reported to the National Credit Bureaus, and showing as accurate information in your credit report.  We are here to help you get started…

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